Michael Cera was one of the many Exaggerated Characters in the film This is the End. 

Role in FilmEdit

A party-goer to James Franco's party, he is exploited to be a drug user and womanizer, breaking the shell from his real life character cliche as shy and wimpy.

He is show to be a jerk to be a jerk others, he slapped Rihanna on the but and even went so far as to blow cocaine at Christopher Mintz-Plasse face.

When the eartquake occurs, he becomes extremely childish to the fact that his phone is missing.  He begins to complain, when a severed lightpoll impales him, just then, his phone begins to ring. 


  • He starred in the film under the condition that he would get to wear the windblazzer in seen in the film, when Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg heard of this, they happily applied it to his character